Hypnosis 101

Dedicated to your optimum experience of hypnotherapy, Ingrid offers this foray into hypnosis in a highly individualized way. Like no other, her approach synthesizes years of experience in coaching, as well as hypnotherapy. Begin here with steps at your own pace, and you will soon understand what it can do for you.Practical Hypnosis At Your Service

Welcome to Your Practical Hypnosis Resource
 Customized Just For You! Simple. Effective. Non-invasive.
Our approach offers you easy access to your most powerful and highly productive self growth tool: your own subconscious mind. Hypnosis can produce long term change, and can be used by almost everyone.

Hypnosis is a unique and powerful tool effectively used to tackle a whole host of issues, including conception!  Hypnosis can literally give you a glimpse of what you don't "know."  We are here to support your self discovery.

Take any preconceived notions you had about hypnosis 
and throw them out the window!

Truly, hypnosis is not what you "think!"

The cognitive, "thinking" part of your brain gets to relax and take a brief vacation while you experience relaxation.  You are always fully in control, with the ability to choose what works best for you.  To learn more about Ingrid, visit the About Us page.

Have a specific question or two that has not been answered? Visit our "Contact Us" page.  We are here to make this the most accessible, comfortable experience possible for you.

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